Sweet Mellow Bosc

Bosc | Sweet + Spicy | Available September thru March

The Bosc pear is a highly aromatic, flavorful pear. Dense flesh makes it ideal for baking or cube into morning oatmeal, the tan color does not change as it ripens!

Oneonta Cherries

Sweet Red Cherries

There are several red varieties available throughout the growing season. The CHELAN variety is the early ripening variety that resembles the popular deep red BING cherry.

Sweet Juicy Gala

Gala | Sweet | Available Year-Round

Aromatic with a very sweet flavor, galas are firm and crisp and store well. They are an excellent eating apple, great for baking or slice into a fresh fruit salad.

Fresh Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious | Sweet + Mellow Available Year-Round

Firm, sweet white flesh and beautiful Golden thin skin makes this a real favorite for eating. This variety is a must for baking and makes delicious applesauce.

Tasty Green D’Anjou

Green D'Anjou | Sweet + Mellow | Available September thru July

This variety has abundant juice, sweet flavor and does not change color as it ripens. This beautiful green pear is delightful cubed into yogurt or wonderful in homemade jams.

Sweet Red Delicious

Red Delicious | Mildly Sweet | Available Year-Round

Beautiful deep red skin and white flesh characterize this classic Washington apple. The Red Delicious variety is a first-class snack, wonderful in a fresh salad or slice and eat with peanut butter.

FASPA Pineapple

The Tropical Queen an extra sweet Panamanian pineapple grown by FASPA, S. A. FASPA is dedicated to growing export quality pineapples.




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